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Please reflect on what you noticed in your selected video.

Respond to the following questions:

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Write 2-3 pages regarding what you notice in this video. Each of the below areas is worth five points. Respond to the following questions:

· Which video did you select? Why did you choose this video?

· Provide a summary of the lesson. [Limit to ½ page].

· What Common Core State Standard(s) would fit with this lesson? Explain how this standard(s) fits with this lesson.

· What learning objective could fit with this lesson? Write the learning objective in student-friendly language.

· What assessment(s) do you notice in this lesson?

· How does the teacher engage with the students during the lesson? What culturally responsive practices/strategies do you notice? [Include at least two practices/strategies from the course textbooks or readings.] Be sure to describe the practice/strategy in detail.

· How does the classroom environment display culturally responsive instruction? [Consider the seating, visuals in the classroom, opportunities for the students to interact with one another, etc.] Be sure to describe what you notice in detail.

· What two InTASC standards can fit with this lesson? Share the standards and explain how they align with this lesson.

· What did you learn from this lesson?

· Make sure that you use APA formatting for in-text citations and your reference page. At minimum, this should include the course textbooks or readings to highlight strategies/skills discussed.

It is recommended that you watch the video more than once, take notes, and make those connections to the course text, course discussions and what has been covered this semester in reference to culturally responsive instruction.

Remember to adhere to the writing conventions that are expected. See syllabus for specifics.

First Grade– Nonfiction- Whole Brain Teaching

Third Grade– Understanding Characters

Third Grade– Character Traits

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