Education homework help

Plan a virtual field trip for your learners.

You will submit a Word document with the following information:

1. What grade is this for (a specific grade, not a grade range)? “Prefer 4th Grade”

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2. What TEKS (no more than two) are you trying to cover for this virtual field trip?

3. What is the context of the field trip (what will they have been taught prior, and what will they be taught after)? What is the objective of the field trip?

4. Where will their field trip be (virtual) to?- provide the specific link.

5. What is the task of the learners? Provide details on the assignment/activity associated with the field trip.

6. Reflect on the benefits of this field trip in 2 paragraphs, providing specifics on how this use of technology will support your learners. You must cite your course texts to support your ideas here. Your submission must be double spaced and submitted in a Word document, in addition to a reference page.

Examples, Virtual Field Trip Locations:

Examples, Virtual Field Trip Benefits: