Edit: Organisational Essay

Please edit Organisational Theory Essay
Below are the tips: (i need it by 29/08/12

The ‘modernism theory’ and ‘postmodernism theory’ sections need to be shortened (probably reduce to 3/5 of the current content) and instead, more focus should be placed in the ‘apple inc. and modernism’ and ‘apple inc. and postmodernism’ sections. Please allocate approximately equal words to each section unless you feel one perspective is more useful than the other, in which case you will have to provide a justification for this assertion.

Also, the ‘organizational theory in practice – a case study of apple’s introduction’ is too long. It should just be a brief overview of apple. Approximately 1 paragraph. Maybe a portion of the information in this section can be used in the main introduction.

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Apart from that, the essay is missing a conclusion at the end.

Lastly, although there are 16 references in the reference page, but more than 40 reference were used in the essay. Please reduce the use of references. Use more personal analysis rather than description. Therefore, please reduce references preferably by 15. Also, please state pages for references if possible. Especially for the (Hatch, M J & Cunliffe, A L 2006, ‘Organization Theory, 2nd edition’, Oxford University Press, Oxford) book.

NOTE: The focus in this essay is on analysis rather than description. Any description of your chosen perspectives must form part of your analysis and must contribute to the argument that you are making in the essay.

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