Dyad paper



The professor asked me to :-

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You will be assigned to work in a dyad to help prepare you for your oral presentations. The purpose of this dyad is for the two of you to assist each other in selecting topics, researching, and preparing outlines that exactly meet the assignments. The goal is to initiate a supportive relationship that will provide constructive feedback and evaluation of your speeches. This experience will enable you to address all of the learning goals for this course as you prepare to deliver clear spoken messages using appropriate evidence and exhibiting sensitivity to the various demands of working with a partner and tailoring messages for a specific audience. This assignment will require meetings outside of class time. Specifically, you and your partner will work to apply the concepts in Chapters 11-15. Your preparation should consider audience analysis, overall speech structure, organization, evidence, credibility, delivery of the speech, and visual aids. After completing your speeches, you will submit a written 2 to 3-page summary of findings from your personal perspective of the dyad experience, and addressing the concepts in the aforementioned chapters and specifically addressing a concept from Chapters 8 and 9 and how your interaction with your dyadic partner reflected this concept. There is a possibility of fifty (50) points for this assignment. 


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