Case Study 2:

Banco Santander is a Spaniard bank, the biggest for market capitalization and the eight largest by assets in Europe. The last 25 years, Emilio Botin, Chairman, has lead a process of internationalization and diversification through overseas acquisitions.

Please read the article Banco Santander’s Emilio Botín takes on the world, which is posted in week 7. You can review additional information from business journals as Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, CNN Money, McKinsey Harvard Business review or other credible source from internet.

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Please prepare a document where you answer the following questions:

(4pages-APA Style 6th edition )


1. Botin’s strategy was to acquire large foreign banks which have some sort of financial straits, some of these banks are located in developing countries in South America. Will this risk spreading create value for shareholders? Under what circumstances could these acquisitions create benefits for shareholders?


2. Should Banco Santander increase its presence in the U.S. market? Why or why not?(need industry analysis, porter’s 5 forces, pest analysis)


3. Assume that Banco Santander decides to increase its presence in the U.S. market. How should it do so?


4. What do you think are the key success factors for the international diversification of Banco Santander?


5. Analyze the internal governance mechanism of ownership concentration in Banco Santander.( use this link to help : http://www.santanderannualreport.com/2014/en/annual-report/structure-and-internal-governance.html )









professor for this course is very picky and he likes details so try to be


specific as much as you can and follow all the requirements needed in


the questions explain with examples. This is due exactly after 4 hours


from now. be careful from plagiarism this professor check’s


for every single thing.



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