Assignment Part One: System Edits and Restrictions for Integrity 

Our new EHR includes a module for tracking patient vital signs. However, we still need to design and customize the edits and alerts for our practice. This is to be for a general, adult internal medicine practice.
The Attributes of the Patient Vital Signs table are:

    • Medical record number for patient


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    • Date of birth


    • Temperature, oral


    • Blood pressure


    • Weight in pounds


  • Height in inches

For each of these attributes including VITALS and non-vitals, specify: A data type for the data attribute. Remember that only numbers that are considered as a quantitative measure (it matters if it is larger or smaller in value) will be numeric type. Also, remember what you have learned about storing birthdates!

Set up an exact example/ input mask for the variable and list each. For example, bp will be xxx/xx.

Set up a cutoff point for acceptable values to be used for system edits. Edits might be for too high, too low, or both. Say for example, “All patient temperatures below 90 degrees F. will alert.”

Please represent your resulting types and edits in table format for best readability and effective communication. This portion of the assignment should be no more than one page long. This will be scored based on accuracy of data type and completeness.

Part Two: Security Measures and Responses

Read and Review Chapter 10 in your textbook (Gartee). 

Pay special attention to the topics relating to workforce security, information access management, Security Awareness and training, and security incident procedures. 

Based on these areas, define at least four different specific threats to our information security (beyond the example given), plus a way of managing or mitigating that threat and a plan for response in case the information does become breached by that threat type. Complete a table such as the following as part of your essay. The completed table needs to show the ability to apply the principles named in a real-life scenario. This portion of your assignment should be at least two pages long. The first row has been completed as an example.

Type of standard or threat

Method to reduce threat

Response plan if threat is encountered

Access Establishment and modification: The facility considers how access to EPHI is established and modified.

Each system user has a unique ID and password assigned by the institution. Passwords are not shared and must be changed every 90 days to prevent unauthorized access.

Employees are trained in appropriate access and password usage.

Employee shared their ID and password with fellow employee who forgot theirs:

  1. The relevant user’s ID and password are immediately disabled upon issue discovery. A new user ID will be established for that user.
  2. The staff member is disciplined and given official warning to never share passwords.
  3. System use and audit logs for that user are reviewed by IT and HIM manager.
  4. Repeated breach will result in employee dismissal.

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