Due on 6/1/15 @7 p.m. cst Urgent

Two different assignments I will upload the documents needed to complete the form add whatever is need for me to get a (A). Please review all uploaded documents I uploaded a blank smart form and management plan. The paper will help you complete each assignment.


Assignment 1

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Dissemation plan needs to be updated  the teacher did not like the one that has been written it needed more information (please google a sample of this plan to get an idea of what is required)


In DHA8013 you began work on a management plan and task list that included research questions, goals, and objectives of your project, action research methods, ethical considerations, and a dissemination plan. In this assignment, you are to update the Management Plan Task Worksheet with changes or revisions to the timeline, activities, budget, mitigation plan, stakeholders, interview protocols, and other important details. Updates to the plan should be based on organizational goals and objectives, feedback from previous instructor and peers, literature review information, and re-alignment with the outcomes you hope to accomplish with the Action Research project. Plans should be detailed enough so that if someone wanted to do your exact project, they would know exactly what steps to take.


Assignment 2


Submit SMART Form

Section 1 and 2 has been completed you can add things to this section


Section 3 needs to be completed



Throughout this course, you were given time to begin working on the SMART Form. While this is a work in progress, you will submit the document for review at the end of the week.

You will send the completed form to your mentor for approval as soon as you determine one (Unit 9). Once you have submitted the SMART form to your mentor, any needed changes will need to be approved by him or her.

After the final approval of your SMART form by a Scientific Merit Reviewer, you will schedule a conference call to obtain official approval of your SMART form. The conference call should include you, your mentor, and the Scientific Merit Reviewer.


Assignment due today 6/1/15 urgent


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