Does the paper find that non-resident father involvement differs by race? If so, how?

Directions:  This article is relatively complex.  Focus on the introduction and the conclusions the write your journal essay.   I do not expect you to understand all the statistical lingo and tables.  Write a 250-word (you can go slightly over if needed) paper linking this article to family diversity discussed in Chapter 3.

Your journal essay will be graded on the following criteria:

  1. Does the paper find that non-resident father involvement differs by race?  If so, how?
  2. In your personal experience, what external factors potentially explain the level of non-resident father involvement? How much of this is attributable to race?
  3. Define what the authors mean as social capital.  How important do you feel father involvement is for transmission of social capital across generations?  Are your observations the same as these authors?
  4. How do the historic factors driving family diversity described in Chapter 3 relate to this article?

Each of these criteria are worth up to two points.  You will earn up to two additional points for college level writing that is free from misspellings and technical grammar errors.

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