Do you think the human race is continuing to evolve

Do you think the human race is continuing to evolve, not just socially, (which is questionable anyway) but in a Darwinian sense? Do not just write “yes” or “no,” but explain why you think so. In addition, include how the mechanisms of evolution, such as natural selection, would be at play in this situation.
My wife and I have three children. This guy has 30 (and counting)
In the context of evolution, which one of us is more successful? Why do you think so? I know that a man who cannot support his children is reprehensible, but consider it from a scientific point of few.
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As human beings we just have raw intelligence none of us are the same not only because of our genetics but our atmosphere that surrounds us. We have different languages, cultures and we abide by laws and institutions. But our brains are larger than apes monkeys I do not agree that we have evolved from them our ancestors were people not animals. If that was the case we are not the monkey, chimps and apes evolving to humans as well? God intended to create us all animals included different with our own unique traits. We have evolved drastically as each decade comes and goes. Children are not even the same as I was growing up in the 90’s, they are way advanced and intelligent and very wise.
As far as the guy with 30 children and counting , WOW!  He has 11 different women he has produce children with which means they all have different traits because genetically the women are all different so it could be a genetic drift. He has a variation of children I’m sure which makes their traits evolve into another reproduction.