do powerpoint slide 7 with speakernotes 200 words. And writethe proposed recommendation 300 words for my paper

I was trying to come up with a possible outline… This is the very rough outline I came up with so Far.. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Part of Instructions:

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“Remember that the paper should have the feel, as much as possible, of being a response to an actual business situation.  It might help for your team to think of itself as a consulting group that has been asked by a company to analyze a particular business challenge and make recommendations. “

  • Prepare an assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s CFO on the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet.


As long as we all hit the minimum word count below, we will be able to meet the word count on the syllabus.


                    1.1.   Thesis

     2. BACKGROUND 250 – KAYLA

     3. KEY PROBLEM 200


                   4.1.   1.150

                   4.2.   2.150

                   4.3.   3.150


                  5.1.   1.100

                  5.2.   2.100

      6. PROPOSED RECOMMENDATION 300 this is my part to do

      7. CONCLUSION 200

Hey team,

So I was trying to come up with an outline for our Powerpoint that would be similar to our essay so that we can all pick the same parts.. The only parts that are adjusted are  arguments against alternatives and the proposed recommendation, So if its okay Terrisha will you do slide 7 benefits and Sean slide 8 negatives? I can do the Proposal transition page once we determine our proposal 🙂  Or we can restructure the essay to reflect this if that would be easier? … I also put a few suggestions I found while researching and will post those links next


SLIDE 1 – Title Slide – Kayla

SLIDE 2 – Introduction

SLIDE 3 – Background – Kayla

SLIDE 4 – Key Problem – Damaging the environment?

SLIDE 5 – Possible Alternative – Hybrids? Biodiesel? All Electric?

SLIDE 6 – Our Proposal – Kayla – Maybe we can implement a plan to slowly introduce Hybrid vehicles every quarter?

SLIDE 7 – Positives / Benefits – Helping the Environment? Government incentives? myslide

SLIDE 8 – Negatives – Start up costs? Customers lack of concern, if gas models are cheaper? Upkeep on the Vehicles?

SLIDE 9 – Conclusion

SLIDE 10 – References


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