DNS Domain Design


Makes sure to do a label for the introduction, topic, conclusion or summary.


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Requirements for assignment:


2 page paper with Visio diagram (diagram depicting domain design chosen with multiple DNS servers with a subnet for each) with at least 3 references with one of the references being (Morimoto et al., 2010, pp. 155-170). Make sure to label the parts of the paper. Example Introduction, Topic (Domain Model Design) and Conclusion


The assignment was taken from (Morimoto et al., 2010, pp. 155-170)


Create a Multiple domain model for security, assuming that there have been several recent compromises of sensitive information. Explain the benefit of the domain model for the security of the organization.


Create this model for a business that is doing well and increasing in size and has 4 locations.


Assume that at least TWOsites have at least 75 users and that another TWOsites have at least 150 users. 


 Answer the following questions in the following questions


      • How do the subnets affect the domain design?
      • Can security be improved by implementing a different domain model? If so, which domain model do you recommend?
      • How can the domain name system (DNS) design be improved, if at all?
      • How does the use of an Internet domain name affect the choice of the DNS name-resolution processes?
      • Can the process outlined to use an ISDN be improved? (talk about improved security like VPN)
      • What changes would need to be made to the various types of domain controllers to accommodate the user population?


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