Discussion Post

  • Think about new crimes that exist today that our founding fathers never dreamed of, and then consider crimes that were crimes back then (like having an ice cream soda, or shopping, on Sunday) – but are no longer – or crimes that are on the books today, but maybe should be removed. For example, think of some things that are illegal today that were not 100 years ago – like being able to purchase over-the-counter morphine. Or 13-year-old girls being able to get married without parental consent.
  • On the other side, has anyone heard of people being prosecuted for committing adultery recently? (Other than in the military. Wink ) It happened in NY just a few years ago in 2010:
    Woman Charged With Adultery to Challenge New York Law
  • And then there are laws that perhaps go to far – at least 13 states require sex offender registration for public urination, according to Human Rights Watch’s comprehensive review of sex offender laws in 2007.

  • So here is your challenge this week (this is what your post should be about): think about the key differences between criminal law and moral law, and how laws have changed over the last 200 or so years in the US. From the e-Activities: the Supplemental Resources, or other on-line research, here is where your research comes into play – provide one (1) specific example where the criminal law system legislated (or is legislating) conduct or morality. Discuss how or why that law was passed or is being considered for passage.

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