Discuss where you think errors might have been introduced into the results.

The sampling results for the chemical hazards you tested for Acme Automotive Parts (AAP) are listed in the following table. The volumes that are listed are what you provided to the laboratory.


Part I: For each of the chemical hazards complete the following:

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  • Calculate the exposure concentration in mg/m3 for the aerosols.
  • Calculate the exposure in parts per million (ppm) for the vapors.
  • Discuss where you think errors might have been introduced into the results.

Part II: The results for the noise sampling in the following table were recorded from your noise dosimeters. All the samples were collected for the full shift using 90 decibels on the A scale (dBA) as the criterion level and a 5 decibels (dB) exchange rate.


Answer the following for each of the locations listed above:

  • Convert the results from dBA to percent.

Make sure you show all your work for calculations.

Your assignment must be a minimum of two pages in length, not including title or reference pages. Your assignment must use at least two references. One must be gathered from the CSU Online Library; the other may be your textbook. All references and in-text citations must be formatted according to APA standards.

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