discuss the role of money and economic differences (i.e. socioeconomic class) in crime fiction.

Choose one of the discussion questions below to write on. You will answer each question separately. your answer should be written as short essays, meaning they should have a clear argument that takes up the questions posed to you and should be written with no grammatical or spelling errors. You should draw upon specific evidence from the text (be it a book, essay, or film) to support the claims you make. These answers are intentionally open ended; the goal here is to guide your thinking about these texts while also allowing you enough room to address the ideas and themes you are most interested in.

When using text from either the novel or the essay assigned, please cite the page number using MLA formatting. This means the author’s last name followed by the page number the quote can be found on, all in parentheses before the final punctuation for the sentence. For example: (Hammett 6). See Purdue OWL for help with MLA formatting: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/02/. You do not need to provide a works cited page unless you use any outside research (i.e. texts not listed below) to answer the questions.

Each answer must be between 1 and 2 pages of written text. Your essays should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced. You only need to provide the number of the question; do not repeat the question in the body of your answer.

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The question:

Using two of the three fictional texts we from this week (Red Harvest, Miller’s Crossing, Yojimbo) discuss the role of government as it is depicted in crime fiction. This can include political figures as well as political institutions like the police.

6. Using two of the three fictional texts from this week (Red HarvestMiller’s CrossingYojimbo), discuss the role of money and economic differences (i.e. socioeconomic class) in crime fiction.

Choose one of those and answer it in the way above.

Only one