• Discuss the research methods that were used:

2-3 pages research critique from oral presentation topic. Details: RESEARCH CRITIQUE NURSING ADN 004 

2-3 pages research critique from oral presentation topic.

NURSING ADN 004 Spring 2018

Choose one article from your Oral Presentation that is based on research. Write a 2-3 page, typewritten paper, double-spaced, using APA format. Include the following information in your analysis.
• Summarize the research question, research method and conclusions.
• Analyze the subject:
o Is it relevant to current practice?
o Can it be applied to any population?
o How can it be applied in the population that we see in clinical?
• Analyze the subjects researched
o Was the study group size adequate to demonstrate the hypothesis?
o Was the study group representative of any population or was it specific to the community/population studied?
o Does the group studied match the population that we serve in this community
• Discuss the research methods that were used:
o Were the methods employed in a balanced manner?
o Was there a control group?
o Were the groups chosen randomly or in a defined, controlled manner?
o Do you feel that the methods were unbiased?
• Describe the conclusions made by the research group:
o Do they make sense?
o Are the conclusions drawn in the study legitimate?
o Do you agree with the conclusions?
o How will this study impact your nursing practice?
• Was this study valuable to you and pertinent to nursing care of the childbearing family?

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1. Each student will be expected to provide a maximum 15 minute oral presentation on a subject related to Maternal, Newborn or Reproductive Nursing Care, with a focus on client education in the community setting. Students may choose a subject from the list of topics or a subject of the student’s choice may be presented upon approval of the clinical instructor. The focus of the presentation and supporting documents should be presented in a manner that would be appropriate for individual or group presentations to clients or community groups.

2. The subject is to be researched, utilizing current literature, texts, internet
articles and documents. These resources should be no older than 5 years, with a minimum of 3 resources to be used. Appropriate documentation, utilizing the provided APA format is to be included.

3. Oral presentation must include a description of the topic, as well as discussion of application in current clinical nursing practice. If appropriate, the discussion may be applied to a client situation that has been encountered during clinical. Documentation of patient condition, treatment and outcome should be included. It is expected that the topic will be thoroughly researched and presented, with attention to current trends, policies, evidence based practice and current research.

4. A typewritten outline is to be submitted to the instructor prior to the presentation.

Information presented in a clear, concise manner _______5 pts. Possible

Presentation completed on time _______1 pt. Possible

Included all required information _______5 pts. Possible

Integrated scientific principles & current research _______4 pts. Possible

Provided clear outline to instructor _______5 pts. Possible

Appropriate Nursing Diagnoses w/proper format _______5 pts. Possible

Complete Bibliography in APA format _______2 pts. Possible

Pamphlet provided to participants _______8 pts. Possible

TOTAL _______35 pts. Possible