Delineating Leadership Roles and Management Functions Examine the scenario in Learning Exercise…

Delineating Leadership Roles and Management Functions Examine the scenario in Learning Exercise… 

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Delineating Leadership Roles and Management Functions Examine the scenario in Learning Exercise 2.5. How would you divide the management functions and leadership roles in this situation? For example, you might say that having the nurse–manager adhere to hospital policy was a management function and that counseling staff was a leadership role.

ASSIGNMENT : List at least five management functions and five leadership roles that you could also delineate in this scenario. Share these with your group

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Learning Exercise 2.5

When Culture and Policy Clash You are the nurse–manager of a medical unit. Recently, your unit admitted a 16-year-old East Indian boy who has been newly diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. The nursing staff has been interested in his case and has found him to be a delightful young man—very polite and easygoing. However, his family has been visiting in increasing numbers and bringing him food that he should not have. The nursing staff has come to you on two occasions and complained about the family’s noncompliance with visiting hours and unauthorized food. Normally, the nursing staff on your unit has tried to develop a culturally sensitive nursing care plan for patients with special cultural needs, so their complaints to you have taken you by surprise. Yesterday, two of the family members visited you and complained about hospital visitor policies and what they took to be rudeness by two different staff members. You spent time talking to the family, and when they left, they seemed agreeable and understanding. Last night, one of the staff nurses told the family that according to hospital policy only two members could stay (this is true) and if the other family members did not leave, she would call hospital security. This morning the boy’s mother and father have suggested that they will take him home if this matter is not resolved. The patient’s diabetes is still not controlled, and you feel that it would be unwise for this to happen.

ASSIGNMENT: Leadership is needed to keep this situation from deteriorating further. Divide into groups. Develop a plan of action for solving this problem. First, select three desired objectives for solving the problem and then proceed to determine what you would do that would enable you to meet your objectives. Be sure that you are clear as to who you consider your followers to be and what you expect from each of them.