customer service please see attachment 2


MT221-4: Solve a customer service problem.

Based on your practice with ethical approaches in the learning activity and the previously practiced CSR skills, address this customer service interaction provided below. You are joining a situation in progress…

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Read the Scenario:

Customer at 7:45 a.m. in Groton Connecticut Airport:

“I need some help here… (his voice getting louder as his anger escalates). I had a reservation on your 9:00 a.m. flight for me and my son. How can you say you have no record of these reservations when I was sent an emailed confirmation? I don’t live here and we have to be back home by tonight and we are going to miss our connecting flight in Boulder, (Colorado) to Bend, Oregon!”

CSR at the Groton Airport: “You need to calm down sir! I checked all the reservations for this flight and there are no seats left… guess it was overbooked. I checked the next one and the same thing…no seats available. There is really nothing I can do, sorry; you can try looking into other airlines to find another way to get there though. Sorry but there are a lot of customers behind you and they need to get on their flights. So could you go over to the other airline counters please?”

Then address the checklist items in a 2-page APA formatted paper. Be sure to add title and reference pages.

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