Criminal homework help

5-8 Pages Long with Reference Page, title page, APA Format, 1.5 line spacing

Students are required to undertake one of the projects listed below. Each student is to submit to me on the day of their presentation an essay of between 5 and 8 pages long.  Your paper must be typewritten using 1.5 line spacing, and must be properly referenced using the APA referencing style.  Your report should read like a very well written journal article.  If your composition skills are weak, consult a book on academic writing and/or discuss your paper with me. The following are suggested outlines for your essay:

a.   Introduction (Problem statement)

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b.   Literature Review (Review of extant literature on the subject).

c.   Research Design (Methods applied to obtain materials for the study)

d.   Research Findings

e.   Discussion of Research Findings

f.    Implications of Study/Research Findings for policy/solving of real life problem.

The following are good sources for data for your term paper:  (The University Library will be your best place to start your inquiry.

a.   Refereed Academic/ Professional Journals
b.   Books published by Academic Presses

c.   Magazines or Newspapers that are highly regarded

d.   The Mainstream Popular Press

e.   Internet sources (etc).


The following are the criteria I will base my evaluation of your Term Paper. The relevance of the content to the subject matter, and how you organize, present ideas, apply the relevant theoretical frame-work, creatively interject your opinions and your English usage.  In addition to evaluating the different elements of the paper, a holistic view on how these features are brought together to form a total work is important.

A.  For a paper to score an A it must meet the following criteria. The paper comprehensively addresses the subject matter. The thesis, arguments and all supporting evidence show a clear understanding of the issues.  The paper clearly, effectively and insightfully develops and conveys a point of view. Its organization and focus is also very clear, coherent, and ideas smoothly progress from one to the other, and also demonstrating excellent critical thinking and supported with appropriate examples. There are no major errors in vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, citation, punctuation and paragraphing.  It must meet the APA format and present a complete Bibliography in a separate page.

Does an Imprisoned Individual have a Constitutional Right to Access the State’s Evidence for DNA Testing?