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Write a 1000+ word 4-paragraph essay. Most essays that earn the higher rubric scores for research and interpretation are 1500+ words. A minimum of four resources are required, content should be properly cited/referenced.  MLA or APA citations are acceptable. Resources should be used to increase your knowledge over a topic and to support your ideas.  For example; citing a reference in your writing is a low level learning skill, it demonstrates your ability to copy textbook information.  Interpreting and applying the information learned from your research demonstrates a higher level of learning, it demonstrates an understanding of that knowledge.

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Save your essay as a Word or PDF document and then submit it through the Course Content- Assignment submission link. Click the “Add Attachment” button to browse your computer/flash drive to upload attachment.

Provide a separate paragraph for each question below:

1. Paragraph 1: What is cardiovascular disease, and should you be concerned? Describe the 8 Coronary Heart Disease risk factors discussed in Chapter 6, page 81. You’ll need to research each risk factor using outside resources so you can demonstrate your understanding of why it increases your risk of Coronary Heart Disease. For EACH risk factor briefly explain (1-2 sentences) why the risk factor increases your risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

2. Paragraphs 2-4: Write one paragraph for each risk factor you select. Identify a minimum of 3 modifiable personal risk factors for cardiovascular disease and discuss the actions you will take to lower your risk.

* A minimum of 3 risk factors must be selected and discussed; if you do not have 3 risks at this time you may select 3 that are a concern based on your family history. The 3 selected must be MODIFIABLE risk factors.

* Be specific. Explain how the lifestyle/risk is connected to cardiovascular disease. Identify your unhealthy habits. Discuss why your habits increase your risk of this disease. Explain the specific changes will you make to lower your risk.

Avoid plagiarism, use your own words as you discuss the risks. If it is higher than 25% you will need to edit and resubmit.

Example of a risk factor paragraph (300+ word count):

To lower my risk of cardiovascular disease, I plan to increase my physical activity by limiting the amount of time I spend indoors involved in sedentary activity. My goal is to spend at least 1 hour in activity and reduce my TV time to 1 hour/day. The ACSM recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise (70-79% of MHR) at least 5x/week. I will spend 30 minutes each day walking or swimming since these activities are recommended by ACSM to improve cardiovascular health. I will spend the remaining 30 minutes participating in leisure sports like Wii dance with my kids. The following website discusses the relationship between TV and chronic health diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Research shows a 15-20% increase in these chronic diseases for every 2 hours spent in front of the TV. Watching TV lessens the time I have available for activities like walking and it leads to poor nutritional choices since I love to snack while watching TV. The extra sugar and fat that I consume from snacks like chips, dips, soda, pizza, etc. are considered empty calories on the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate website. These snacks are also very high in sodium and saturated fat. The Live Strong website indicates sodium can weaken bones, increase blood pressure and increase risk of certain cancers while saturated fats can increase cholesterol and risk of heart disease. My sodium intake should be less than 2,300 mg, to keep it low I will eat low-sodium pretzels and unsalted-popcorn versus the saltier snacks I have been consuming. The Live Strong website recommends adding fresh fruits and vegetable into my diet since they have antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals which have been linked to lower cholesterol levels in addition to lowering a persons risk for heart disease. I will use the Nutrition Facts Label to help me avoid snacks high in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium.

(Score: Excellent/Proficient, ideas are applied, discussed, and supported in the response.)