Because crime is one of the more appealing themes in popular culture, the public receives a skewed version of crime.

The public’s knowledge may be particularly lacking with regard to the entire field of criminology, specifically the following:

  1. The differences between blue-collar and white-collar crime
  2. The general perception of the incidence of crime in the United States

You are asked, as the public relations representative of your police department, to provide an information session on the field of criminology. The expectation is to make sure that the public understands the facts of law enforcement and to differentiate between the fictions presented in different media outlets.

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Please answer the questions below, and complete the requirements for your paper of 34 pages. As you answer each question, complete the following:

  • Provide support or evidence that will enhance and empirically prove your answers.
  • Academic criminal justice articles or real-life criminal justice findings that are found in journals or other academic sources must be used in supporting your answers.
  • Please use APA format for all cited sources, including your reference page.
  • Remember when answering the questions below that there is a big difference between the public sector and the private sector. The public sector of criminal justice includes being a police officer, a crime scene technician, a federal law enforcement officer, and so on. The private sector may include you being an investigator for a company, a private investigator, a security manager for a large company, a security manager for an amusement park or a sports team, and so on.

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