Cover letter should be at least 300+ words. Include an updated scanable resume.

Phase 5 Individual Project ( P1IP, P2IP, P3IP, P4IP-which I could not open)

Cover letter should be at least 300+ words. Include an updated scanable resume.

Beyond just the written and oral side of communication, there is a relationship element, too. Consider your boss or potential boss and how well the relationship evolves with written, verbal and nonverbal communication elements. Understanding how communication contributes to relationships helps in the professional and personal environments.

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Wow, you did a great job on your presentation! In fact, your presentation was so successful that one of the audience members called you a few days after the meeting.


“We were impressed with your communication knowledge,” says Jorge Smith, the Director of Communications at ClearlyCommunicate, Inc. “Would you be interested in working for us?”


You consider the invitation and ask Mr. Smith what he needs.


Mr. Smith replies with, “Please send us a cover letter and your resume expressing your interest in the position of Communications Supervisor. Also, please make sure you include keywords on your resume because it will be filed in our digital database.”


“I’m very interested in the position,” you respond. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

You get to work on a cover letter and crafting keywords for your resume. Write the cover letter and review, and update your resume

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