Controversy – Immigration and Population in the U.S.

Class, the instructions for these Controversy assignments almost always ask for multiple references. Please be sure you go beyond one or two references in completing these assignments. For example, this week’s instructions give you two references, but adds “along with resources from your own research…,” meaning you should have at least three. Be sure you’re doing enough research to earn full credit.


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Also, I recommend reprinting the questions from the assignment onto your paper at the beginning of your answers, so that you can refer to them while you’re typing, and so you’ll be sure you’re answering the questions asked.

This week’s environmental controversy focuses on the question: should Immigration into the US be reduced? Review the background information. Then, using the References along with resources from your own research, write a 2 page response to the questions that follow. Remember to cite your sources using proper APA format.


Background Information


Legal and illegal immigration into the United States is discussed in your textbook. Advocates of liberal immigration argue that both legal and illegal immigrants are needed to perform difficult and low paying jobs that most citizens won’t take. Advocates also sympathize with immigrants because many of them are fleeing poverty and tyranny in their homelands. Immigrants pay taxes, help to support the US social security system, and contribute to American society.


Opponents of immigration include individuals that want to ban or significantly reduce all immigration, and those that simply want more stringent efforts to end illegal immigration. Opponents argue that current immigration policies and border patrol methods are too lenient and allow terrorists to infiltrate into the US.




Two short articles identified below have very different views on the impacts of illegal immigration on state economies. Use these references along with resources from your own research to help answer the questions that follow.

Seper, J. (n.d.). Illegal aliens cost California billions. Washington Times, The (DC), Retrieved April 14, 2009, from EBSCO MegaFILE database.


Link to article


Hoyt, J. (2004, May 10). Why business should speak out on immigrant workers. Crain’s Chicago Business, 27(19), 11-11. Retrieved April 14, 2009, from Regional Business News database.


Link to article




How do the views presented in the articles differ? How does illegal immigration both hurt and help state economies? Do you feel that the author’s of these two articles are ignoring each others side, or is it possible that the Illinois economy is simply better equipped to absorb illegal immigration? Before answering this final question make sure to consider the affiliations of the authors.


This paper should be 2 pages of complete content (cover page and reference page are separate) and have in-text citations. The paper will be in APA style (both in formatting the paper and reference page). One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in the paper.

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