Consider the responses of your classmates and instructor for the Wednesday post.

  • Consider the responses of your classmates and instructor for the Wednesday post. Fine one you agree with and explain why you agree in a minimum of 250 words. Use examples from the films to support your answer. 

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Wednesday Post
           I believe that Young Frankenstein movie was more famous because it was comedy but with a message. The film kept important messages from the original novel. It educated the people about what Mary Shelly actually wanted us to know about. For example, the way that Frankenstein was supposedly deeply in love with Elizabeth and than he just went ahead and engaged sexually with Inga. He showed there that woman were just disposable that they really don’t even have a type of value. After that he stayed with Inga and Elizabeth stays with the creature and they both ended up with the same issues like in the originally story. The film that was closer to the book messed  up in some ways. For example, the scene where Victor’s mother dies; the woman is all bleeding and with her guts open when in reality she died for taking care of Elizabeth. In another scene of how Elizabeth supposedly goes and looks for Victor and finds him all crazy, in which mixes up the message about how woman didn’t have the right to do what they wanted to do. In Young Frankenstein Elizabeth goes in search of his lover but its more of a comedy so I don’t think that really bother us. Since the find is about making fun of the actual film and story I don’t think it makes more of an impact then one that trying to be as original as the novel. I feel like Young Frankenstein took the advance of the creature in trying to show him that he was good and not someone that will go out killing everyone. He showed the side that Victor in the original film never really showed. Young Frankenstein try to use the danger knowledge and his creature as a symbol of what we could do with science. The exchanged of their mentalities towards the end of the film Young Frankenstein; I feel like it is trying to say “hey look at how dangerous this could be, I could die or maybe live but be dumb”. The knowledge that he had was so dangerous that they can even transfer there behaviors, he tried to saved his creation but than Young Frankenstein messed up his mind for a bit. I feel like with that it showed that they were both the same person just in different looks of body. The importance of his name was also showed. Everyone knew about the Frankensteins and thats why he didn’t want to be called like one. The way they made the film was perfect the black and white suits horror well and the comedy just bonds with it right. In the comedy the creature never really killed anyone neither did Federick. Federick was trying to try out what his grandfather did and the monster was just trying to fit in. The comedy showed how they both in reality didn’t mean to hurt anyone but their actions indeed do damages. In the original movie we can see the way that they were both in fact murderers. 


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