Consider the postings of your classmates for the Wednesday OR Friday post.


  • Consider the postings of your classmates for the Wednesday OR Friday post. Find one post you disagree with and rebut the argument in a minimum of 250 words. Use examples from the films to support your answer. 
After watching both films “Frankenstein Marry Shelley” produced in 1994 and ” The  young Frankenstein” produced in 1974. i can say that the concept is taking from one story which is the novel of Mary Shelley, but the stories and characters are different. The movie The young Frankenstein is showing the story with an ironic side. Mel Brooks tried to take the idea of the novel of Mary Shelley and show many points from it, like women rights when he shows that Elizabeth is having her own life and that she wasn’t in real love with Dr Frederick by showing also in the end of the movie that she likes the creature better and end up by loving him. the creature also was very funny who loves music and learn how to dance and  he wasn’t scary  at all . i think that the main reason from the movie is taking people away from what they lived in the past and use the story of Frankenstein Mary Shelly which was famous in that time and try make a funny story of it by pointing many events like slavery, women rights, and dangerous knowledge that can led to miserable life. The movie Frankenstein Mary Shelley follow the novel step by step and they were a few changes in it like when the mother of Victor dies by giving birth to his little brother. i think that it was trying to make the movie a little exiting by showing blood all over the room where she dies. in the movie Young Frankenstein Frederick tries his best to save the creature and try to involve him to the society and he wasn’t afraid of showing his creation to them, but victor was caring more about his family name and tried to hide the truth even from his family until the most end of the movie, when the creature became furious and kill some of his family members. 



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