Cons. Project Mgmt




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There are many factors that can affect the project schedule. There are unforeseen conditions, such as finding poor soil. The procurement process can also have a major impact on the project schedule. Procurement includes lead-time items, such as contracting for the construction materials or having those materials brought to the construction site at the correct time. Furthermore, the lead-time items may cross a number of different disciplines. All of these lead-time items (and the personnel who use them) must be accounted for in the project schedule.


For this question, imagine that you are working for a construction management firm. The construction project is a steel post-and-beam structure. In your discussion response, detail the procurement process, from the time of being awarded the contract to having the steel on site for placement. In your response, please include a timetable for the duration of the procurement process and discuss the shop-drawing process.






Unforeseen conditions are a common occurrence for addition and remodeling projects. The architect and engineer complete as-built drawings by verifying the existing conditions. These as-built drawings are then used for the addition or remodeling project design. As the proposed drawings are completed and the construction has started there still may be problems that require attention.


Suppose that a remodeling project calls for the demolition of a wall. However, it turns out there is a roof drainpipe within the wall cavity that is selected for demolition. The roof drain is now located within an open area and requires the roof drain to be relocated. In your discussion response, answer the following questions:


•What are steps in the process to relocate the roof drain?


•What disciplines are required to assist in this relocation?


•Why didn’t the A/E firm locate the roof drain during the initial filed work?


•Who pays for the relocation?

Please post references in APA format

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