Concert review

The purpose of this assignment is for students to see live dance performances…. something impossible in this COVID climate, so we are doing the best we can with the online “concert” links you will be assigned. This assignment is worth 15% of your grade in the course. I’ll expect the same grading criteria we use for journal entries and long form questions on the exams: 1.) Share details and observations of the immediate subjects (4 dances). 2.) Show your understandings and opinions of these works in relation to other works and analyses of works we have discussed in the class so far. 3.) And be sure to integrate all of the details, opinions and understandings in the context of YOURSELF, your life… how is it relevant to your understanding of the field and who you are in relationship to the field of dance. How will you integrate all this into your general body of understanding of the world, the arts, and human expression? The turn around time for this assignment is one week, which reflects the amount of work I would like to see you put into your writing. Though short (600-ish words) it needs to be full of concise observation, analysis, reflection and GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT WRITING. BE SURE TO PROOFREAD. Requirements: 600-ish words, Times New Roman Font, font size 12, please include the word count at the end of the submission, and save document in a PDF format. For information on submitting a file submission question go to: (Links to an external site.).
This assignment is due Friday, April 2nd at 11:59 pm.

DANCE CONCERT LINKS: “Reflections in the Well of Solace.” Joseph Mills “From the Mysterious Void: we.” Joseph Mills, Mary Buckley “Circle Walker.” Alan Boeding, Joseph Mills performer “CONTENTious.” Joseph Mills, Mary Buckley

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