Computer Science homework help

1. SELECT a domain area of research (COVID-19 related)
2. FORMULATE a problem statement & hypothesis. describe the problem in details you wish to explore.
3. FRAME the question(s) according to your domain
a. Understand A Business
b. Understand A Stakeholders
4. OBTAIN data for your project
a. Describe the Data: Information about the dataset itself, e.g., the attributes and attribute types,
the number of instances, your target variable.
5. SCRUB the data, this includes cleaning and preparing the data for analytic purposes
6. ANALYZE the data, looking for patterns and insights (EDA & Analytics) *Use Jupyter Notebook
7. SUMMARIZE your findings
● A project report document (APA formatted) between 5-8 pages in length, not including title page,
content page, or images/graphics/reference. The report should have the below sections:
○ Introduction: this is where you provide a brief description of your personal motivation for the
project and the framing question. Tell the reader why they care about the results you are about to
present and why is the question you will be answering is important. A description of your dataset
including what type of data it contains, how many attributes, how many instances. Any
additional challenges such as messy or missing values.
○ Data Analysis: this is where you describe your data (summary statistics, EDA), explain the
methods you used to analyze the data. Discuss how the method works, why it was well suited for
your data, and how you applied it.
○ Results: this is where you describe and explain your findings. Why do you think you found the
results you did and what do you think they mean?
○ Conclusion: this should provide a concise answer to the analytical question posed in the
introduction along with a brief description of why the analysis answered the way it did, which
should be consistent with your results section. Additionally, you may wish to posit questions
raised by your analysis for future analysis.
○ Reflection: Conduct a self-reflection for each of the phases in The Process Section above to
uncover key learnings that you can apply towards future projects or which you can share with
your colleagues. Document at least 4 key learnings from your reflection. Describe observations,
challenges, lucky breaks, emotions that you experienced, etc. you may have experienced during a
specific phase.
● Do not just provide diagrams and statistics, each table & figure included must have a caption (e.g.,
Figure number and textual description) that is referenced from the text (e.g., “Figure 2 shows a
frequency diagram for …”).
● You should also provide your source code of a well-documented and formatted Jupyter Notebook and
dataset files.
You could look for data from the following sites. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
google data set search (Links to an external site.)
This assignment is worth 100 points, which is 10% of your final grade. Your assignment will be evaluated
based on a successful compilation and adherence to the project requirements. Grading criteria:
● 50 pts for project report
● 50 pts for Python implementation (Use Jupyter Notebook)
You should submit a well-documented Jupyter Notebook and dataset files. Submit both .ipynb and .docx file,
name your files