Computer Laws and Forensics

  • Guidelines for Disposition and Trials
  • Summarize at least three suggestions that should be followed when testifying for dispositions and trials.   Illustrate how these suggestions can help in the success of the case.


  • Describe the details of the challenges the prosecution or defense team may face by not following these guidelines.
  • IT Security Certifications
  • Describe two IT certifications that may be considered when selecting an expert for an expert witness opinion.  Research and provide details on the hourly estimates for using these types of professional witnesses.  Then, discuss the typical background of these professionals. 
  • Give an example of how a certified IT security professional can add credibility to the trial of a computer crime case. Support your example with at least one creditable source that demonstrates how a certified IT security professional can be of value.


Online Predator Threats

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  • Suppose, you have been selected by your school to write a news bulletin on steps that parents can take in order to protect their children against online predators. Highlight the most important items a parent should know and what they can do to protect their child. 
  • From the previous scenario, suggest three tools that can be used to safeguard children along with three assessments that parents can perform in order to determine their level of threats

Online Harassment and Identity Theft

  • Compare and contrast at least two tools that can be used to minimize online harassment and identity theft.  


  • Outline the various features that these tools provide.  Give an example on how this tool can be effective for online users.  Describe any accolades or awards these tools have received.

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