Comment [Culture and Society]

One comment about this paragraph:

The answer to the first question in my opinion is yes, the more you know someone and know there ways you began to trust them. With that trust the conformity sets in meaning you can trust there options as they pick them. In the case of the learners being women the men would probably take a bit easier. Going back to the other discussion post the men would not feel as though the women can take that type punishment. With the having that thought running through the back of there minds they couldn’t ideally go through with going any further. In this day in age teens look at the morality of things in life and will challenge the right and wrong of what’s being told them to do. So I don’t see that they will conform as easy as it seems them to do.
One comment about this paragraph:
I believe that people who knew each other would conform a little better than people who did not know each other depend on the relationship with one another. If the teachers were men and the learners were women I believe the men would be more empathetic towards a woman and definitely consider her feelings. I really don’t believe that teenagers would conform because they are at the rebellious stage in life and most teenagers have a hard time obeying and following rules.

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