” Christmas Carol book”

Choose one topic to write about from the list below. Write a good, well-developed paragraph or two about each one. Be sure to have a good topic sentence. Make sure to answer the question completely with reasons, details and examples. Show me that you are ready for the next Level in IELI.


  1. How do the following aspects of the story contribute to the changing mood of the story?
  • The city of London
  • The winter season
  • The Christmas festivities … (Describe some of these activities.)
  • Scrooge’s own outlook
  • The visitations of Jacob Marley and the 3 spirits


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  1. Do you agree that a reader’s understanding and sympathy for Scrooge changes a little bit as the spirit of Christmas Past shows him some Christmas experiences from his past? Explain. What do you think is at the root of Scrooge’s difficulty in caring for other people? (He is almost saved when he falls in love with Belle. Why do you think that he was not able to commit himself to that relationship?)


  1. What can you find out about Charles Dickens’ life that is relevant to Christmas Carol? In what way is Dickens’ depiction of Scrooge a judgment about 19th century England?


  1. Analyze Scrooge’s character? What is he like? Why is he like this? What happens to him between the beginning and the end of the story? What does the story say about human character? In what way is A Christmas Carol a story of redemption?  (Redemption is changing one’s life from bad to good.)


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