Choose a space and describe what social influence it has.

For project Space you have one of two options for the assignment:

1) Describe a space (room, house, restaurant, store- it can be anywhere but it should be a specific location. Instead of “Starbucks” in general, the description would be about the Starbucks located on Tampa and Victory specifically). Then, look at the messages that space could be sending. Analyze the way that space has been set up. Why was it set up that way? What does it say about the people who use it? What are their likes/dislikes/interests? What does it tell you about a person ethnically, physically, economically, etc.?

2) Look at how SPACE has been influential in a social issue. Describe how power relations were determined based on which space a person or a group of people occupied. Which struggles resulted from that use of space? How were they resolved?

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Topics to consider: -the “Space Race” and its influences on world power -issues relating to colonization -race relations in the United States based on the areas different ethnic groups occupied -gang territories -wars fought over space/land (for example, the conflicts in the Middle East seen today over who occupies what land) -divisions within cities and reflections of class within those spaces (skid row vs. Beverly Hills. This can also bring in questions of shared space vs individual ownership of space)

You are not limited to these topics; these are just some suggestions you can work with should you desire to do so. Essay should be 5 pages in length (MLA format, double spaced, etc) and you must use 3 sources as reference for this essay.


The essay should be written in MLA format:

12 pt font

1 Inch margins

Times New Roman

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