choice one type of dance— research paper

This is a research Project that has the following objectives:

1.     That you put into practice what  you have learned about dance, culture and context.

2.     That you identify specific concepts and characteristics discussed in classes.

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3.     That you experience a research proces based on a research Framework.

4.     That you use your creative skills as a research by developing your own questions based on the given Framework.  

      You will : use your observation skills, take notes, interview the members of       the dance culture (dance community).  You will take notes and videos if it is             allowed by the members.

5.     That you gain personal experience and learn more about a specific dance culture.

Frame work

To find out about what motivates individuals to practice this dance form and to be members of this particular dance culture.  How is this practice shaping their daily lives. In this Project, you will begging to practice your etic perspective in order to find out specific things about this dance culture. 



1.     Choose a dance form

2.     Attend at least two events from this dance form where you will observe, take notes, Pictures or videos (if allowed).

3.     Contact at least two members of the Group and interview him or her. It can be the leader of the group or another member.

4.     Write and essay in which you will tell us, based on your observations,  readings, interviews as well as personal emic the following:

&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; What is this Dance Culture about?

&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; What are their characteristics?

&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; What motivates individuals to practice this dance form and to be a part of this dance community?

Design  an interview of  three questions that will help you  gain more insight of what you need to talk about in this Project.

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