Chemistry Homework Help!     1. The filament temperature of a typical 100 W light bulb is 3000 K. The blackbody emission…

Chemistry Homework Help!  


1. The filament temperature of a typical 100 W light bulb is 3000 K. The blackbody emission from the filament has a λmax = 952 nm. What does this indicate about how much of the electrical energy is converted into visible light? Is the process efficient or not? Explain in 100 words or less.

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2. In 200 words or less, answer the following: Explain what the greenhouse effect is and how CO2 in the atmosphere is involved.  Based on this information, explain how the global warming phenomenon is related to the combustion of fossil fuels.

3. The ionization energies increase monotonically for B, C, N and also for O, F, Ne. However IE(O) < IE(N). Explain these two observations.

4. Explain why the electron attachment energy for Na + e —> Na is negative but it becomes positive for the neighboring atom Mg.

5. The atomic radii of the second period atoms decrease monotonically from Li to Ne. Offer your best explanation for this observation.  

6. Consider each pair of elements and choose the element with the higher ionization energy: Al or S; As or Sb; N or Si.


7. Arrange the following elements in order of increasing ionization energy: S, Ca, F, Rb, Si.


8. Consider each pair of elements and select the element with the larger atomic radius: N or F, C or Ge, Al or N.


9. Calculate the energy required to excite the electron in Li2+ ion from n=1 to n=2.


10. Which of the high energy photons (their energy is expressed in kJ/mol) could be absorbed by H atoms: 146,  474,   1312,  2312? Explain your selection.


11. When a dilute solution of NaCl is aspirated into a methane flame, yellow light of 589 nm is emitted indicating the transitions of an electron in Na atoms from the 3p to 3s orbital.  Explain how the 3s electron in a sodium atom is excited to 3p orbitals.

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