Chapter 5, collaboration social media, business models which are

Assignment (3 page)

Students will read the following set of articles, then choose an industry of personal interest and discuss how the concept of social media and collaboration impact that industry during the pandemic, where remote work becomes the norm. 

1.Kirby, Sarah. 5 Ways COVID-19 has changed workforce management. World Economic Forum, June 2, 2020.

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2.Shaw, John. Without An Office, What Defines a Workplace? World Economic Forum Job Reset Summit.

3.Aliosi, Silvia. Unsuited to the New Normal? Formal Fashion Hangs By a Thread. World Economic Forum.

After reading the articles, incorporate them into a bibliography, then read four other articles related to the industry of your choice. Discuss how the pandemic is impacting business, and how management has created new ways for employees to continue working, despite being barred from attending the workplace.