Chapter 13 – Final Study Guide


Read and study Chapter 13, “Planning and Preparing a Final Research Report,” pp. 372-397, before proceeding to the rest of the material in the Content section.

Culminating Assignment

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Final Study Guide Proposal

We have been working throughout the semester toward a final, culminating research project.  Each module and assignment have been designed to assist in this process.  As you write your final research proposal, use the resources you have developed throughout the semester. 

You have already completed the Literature Review.  You will need to write Chapter 1, the Introduction, and Chapter 3, the Research Methodology.  Combine the three chapters into one document complete with a title page, Chapter 1 Introduction, Chapter 2 Literature Review, Chapter 3 Research Methodology, and a Reference page. You will not actually collect data and perform data analysis for this project.  You will submit only the first three chapters of the proposal.

The following outline will be helpful as you organize your research proposal:

Chapter 1:  Introduction

  • Brief introductory paragraph
  • Statement of the problem
  • Research questions
  • Significance of the study – why is it important?
  • Limitations and delimitations
  • Definitions of terms
  • How the study is organized
  • Concluding paragraph

Chapter 2:  Literature Review

  • The literature review is organized by topics, and you may use headings if needed

Chapter 3:  Research Methodology

  • Introduction to the chapter. You should provide a brief overview of the study.
  • Research design (refer to the text for details)

You may use the APA manual as a guide if needed. 

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