Translational Research

1/13/2019 Module 2: Exercise 1 – Translational Research 1/3

Translational research” is a term that has been used in the scientific community for about 20 years, and is also a process that crosses many disciplines and meanings. Please read the attached article regarding the definition of translational research.

In this exercise, students will use their knowledge and perspective of translational research to develop a staffing model for an early phase I research site. Because “translational research” is interpreted in many different ways, I expect that each student will define the term in the way that she or he will then develop into her/his staffing budget. Consequently, I will be grading this assignment for consistency and reasonable assumptions along with justification. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, I expect that you will use due diligence to make decisions on salaries, training and other requirements to establish a quality research module.

You are currently the manager of the clinical research department in a busy (nonprofit) oncology practice). As such, you are often tasked with planning new ventures and directions for the research department.

To everyone’s surprise a patient donates a substantial amount of money to the practice, with the directive that $20 million dollars will be used to start a translational research module within the research department. The Vice President of the practice has tasked you with investigating a model for an early Phase I translational research department and developing a staff start-up budget and justification. These are the details of your assignment:

3-4 pages total (5 points) References and citations if you use any literature or other material (5 points) Content:

1. 2-3 paragraphs defining translational research as it relates to early translation of a drug from animal studies to human studies (T1 research) (20 points)

2. 2-3 paragraphs exploring the overall resource needs of a translational research facility that conducts early Phase I studies (include what happens just prior to a Phase I study and the definition of Phase 0 studies) (20 points)

3. Your first year budget for staffing will be $1.5 Million dollars for support of 25 people. Your goal is to open 5 new studies in the first 4 months and another 15 in the next 8 months – how will you spend the money? (45 points – reasonable numbers, justification, and salaries using internet resources and academic research)

4. 1 paragraph conclusion discussing your budget and why it is reasonable. (5 points)

Please complete a table similar to the one below:

Staff Position Justification Annual Salary Benefits (33%)

Salary & Benefits

Investigator This position will focus on review of the basic sciences of the development of the drug. S/he will collaborate with

$100,000 $33,000 $133,000

1/13/2019 Module 2: Exercise 1 – Translational Research 2/3

Exercise 1 Translational Research

the clinical researcher and the basic scientist to ensure safety…


100 total points possible.

**Keep in mind that you are defining the type of module that you will be staffing and justifying through your definition of translational research.

1/13/2019 Module 2: Exercise 1 – Translational Research 3/3

Total Points: 100.0

Criteria Ratings Pts

5.0 pts

5.0 pts

20.0 pts

20.0 pts

45.0 pts

5.0 pts

3-4 pages 5.0 to >4.0 pts Proficient appropriate page numbers

4.0 to >1.0 pts Competent

1.0 to >0 pts Novice

References and Citations

5.0 to >4.0 pts Proficient appropriate and accurate references and citations

4.0 to >1.0 pts Competent not all citations in place

1.0 to >0 pts Novice

Definition of T1 research

20.0 to >15.0 pts Proficient well done and accurate and referenced as needed

15.0 to >9.0 pts Competent missing significant information

9.0 to >0 pts Novice missing information and purpose

Resource needs

20.0 to >15.0 pts Proficient well done and accurate

15.0 to >9.0 pts Competent missing significant information

9.0 to >0 pts Novice missing information and purpose

Budget justification

45.0 to >40.0 pts Proficient well done and accurate

40.0 to >29.0 pts Competent missing significant information/understanding

29.0 to >0 pts Novice missing information and purpose

Conclusion 5.0 to >4.0 pts Proficient well done – aligned with content

4.0 to >1.0 pts Competent missing information

1.0 to >0 pts Novice

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Literature Review

Topic- Diabetes

Incorporate feedback you received on your Annotated Bibliography and continue researching the topic. After reviewing the literature available on the topic you have chosen, you provide a concise synopsis of the pathophysiology of the disease, present a sample of current research in the area, and explain how the research data could apply to public health programs, policy, or practice. APA style headers are expected for the three subsections: Pathophysiology, Current Research, and Public Health Application. You may use sub-headers if you feel they are needed for better flow. Use your Essential Guide to APA Style, and get help from the Walden University Writing Center if you need it. Be sure to use APA format for your citations and references. Don’t forget you can use the SafeAssign draft link to check your work before you submit. Your work is expected to be highly original.

Your 4- to 5-page Literature Review must include the following sections:

  • Title page: Include your name, date, course and section, and title of paper.
  • Pathophysiological Analysis: In a section entitled “Pathophysiology of (insert the name of the disease or condition),” provide a concise description of the pathophysiology of the disease or condition. Your objective should be to provide the reader with some of the latest scholarly observations about the risk factors and mechanisms of action for the damage that is done to the body by this condition. Aim for a scholarly audience, which means that you should be using correct terminology and relying on scholarly, published research findings to discuss this topic. Don’t forget to cite the sources in your paper as you refer to them and make sure each source also appears in the Reference list at the end of the paper.
  • Current Research: In a section entitled “Current Research on (insert name of disease/condition),” discuss some of the recent (within the last 3 years) research related to your focus area. Include the aim of each study, the specific methods used, and results of each study.
  • Public Health Application: In your final section, entitled “Public Health Application,” explain the value and application of the research findings you discussed. Cite the studies where you refer to them, and provide some examples of how this information is or can be used in public health policy, programs, and practice. Explain which of the “10 Essential Public Health Services” the public health activities you described would relate best to and why.
  • Reference List: In a separate page (use a page break) at the end of your paper, you must provide APA-formatted references for all resources you used. Note: The references page does not count towards the paper’s page requirement.

Capstone Project Overview

The Capstone Project is your opportunity to synthesize the Program  Learning Outcomes and demonstrate your mastery of your Program of Study.  This Capstone Project will challenge you to integrate ideas presented  in all your previous courses. The Capstone Project should also push you  beyond the boundaries of your prior work. You will creatively explore  and apply the knowledge and experiences gained from your core courses  and electives, websites, and additional readings and research. Blending  these experiences and resources will help you to complete a Mini  Literature Review and a final Capstone Project Presentation.

In Weeks 1–5, you will have Capstone milestones to complete.  Each of these milestones contributes to your Mini Literature Review and  Capstone Project Presentation. Please note that this process is  iterative and will require revision and refinement as you move from the  beginning to the conclusion of your Capstone Project. To assist you in  this process, please refer to the Capstone Project Guide located within  the Program of Study button. This document provides an  overview of the weekly milestones as well as technical details important  for completion of your Capstone Project Presentation. You are strongly  encouraged to plan ahead for the completion of your Capstone Project  Presentation in Week 5.

For this week’s Capstone milestone, you will focus on selecting a topic for your Capstone Project.

Capstone Milestone-Topic Selection

For your Capstone milestone this week, you will develop a topic  for the Capstone Project that synthesizes Program Learning Outcomes  from your Program of Study. The topic for the project, as well as your  approach, should be personally tailored to suit your unique perspectives  and the area of concentration you studied.

To prepare for this Capstone Project milestone:

  • Review your Program Learning Outcomes document (located in the Learning Resources area)
  • Review the Capstone Project Guide (located in the Learning Resources area)
  • Refer to this week’s Learning Resources for ideas for  possible topics. In particular, you are encouraged to review the Program  Resource List found in the Program of Study button.

To complete this Capstone Project, write a 4–5 sentence summary  of your topic. Be sure to include a title and a rationale for your  project. The Instructor will provide guidance on and approval of your  topic.

Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this  week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as  appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

  • Posted: 2 Hours Ago
  • Due: 13/01/2019
  • Budget: $12

Unit 6 300 Assignment

Unit 6: 300 Assignment

HI 300: Determine appropriate health information standards and regulations for specific organizations.


Review the following website:

Source: Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project: United States Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved from

Create an informational flyer for the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. You should use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher to create your advertisement. Include the following information:

What is the HCUP Program?

There are several different database tools used in this program. Name at least four database tools and give a summary for each.

Indicate on the advertisement if your state participates in the HCUP program. If your state does participate in the program, provide the contact information for the person listed.


The Assignment should be a 1-page flyer created using either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher.

This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful. The resources used (including your text) should be properly cited. Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.