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  1. Tony and his project team identified some risks during the first month of the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. However, all they did was document the risks in a list. They never ranked the risks or developed any response strategies. Because the project has had several problems, such as key team members leaving the company, users being uncooperative, and team members not providing good status information, Tony decided to be more proactive in managing risks and want to address positive risks as well as negative risks.
    Complete the following tasks:

    1. Create a risk register for the project. Identify 6 potential risks, including risks related to the problems described in the previous paragraph. Include negative and positive risks.
    2. Develop a 45- to 90-word response strategy for each risk. Enter the information in the risk register.
    3. Write a separate 175-word paragraph describing what specific tasks would be required to implement the strategy. Include time and cost estimates for each strategy.
    4. Submit your risk register with the response strategy and explanation.
      Note: A Risk Register template is available, but it is not required that you use it.
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Management homework help

RACI charts can be used as a tool to manage the key roles and responsibilities of a project. Creating a RACI chart can be a challenge and takes practice. In this assignment, you will create and submit a RACI chart. As the project manager, you have been tasked with determining the roles of team members. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, but several ways to interpret how the tasks and resources should be allocated.
Create a RACI chart for a website reveal based on the tasks listed below. You may use the provided RACI Excel template.
Project: Launching new website at company picnic
Task: Taylor, the company’s Senior Vice President (SVP), told you that you’ll be surprising the 100+ employees of your company with the launch of the new website at the company picnic next month. She said she trusts your judgement but would like to run the final plan across A.J., the head of HR, who is in charge of the picnic. Everyone in the company has been working on some part of the website for over a year. You need to work the exciting reveal into the company picnic. Your committee – made up of project managers from across the company – needs to complete the following tasks:

  • Create signage.
  • Create a fun way to reveal the new website.
  • Write up FAQs about the new website.
  • Create a teaser to send out prior to the picnic.
  • Schedule time to work together.
  • Create a timeline for the reveal.

Committee Members: You, Zarina, Erika, Jonas, and Mike

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Management homework help

What is its purpose?

  • An authentic way for you to demonstrate what you have learned during this course.
  • By authentic, I mean insightful application of branding principles to real world examples.
  • I do not mean memorization of the textbook theories, but rather the interpretation and application of those theories.
  • I’m looking for insight, original thinking, creativity.
  • For some questions, while there could be a wrong answer, there may be many “right” answers depending on your personal interpretation.  Don’t be anxious trying the “second guess” what the right answer might be.

Exam protocol:

  • Your honesty and integrity—and courtesy—are paramount to you as a leader and to your career, and during this exam.
  • Don’t plagiarize, copy other student’s work or ideas, or cut-and-paste from published documents.  This will earn you an automatic “F” on this exam.
  • Don’t share your ideas, or compare notes, with another student.
  • This will be an open textbook/ open notes exam.   To reiterate, simply repeating content from the textbook or lectures will not represent an adequate answer to any question.
  • Be as concise and direct as the question requires. Quantity of writing does not equal quality of answer.
  • Have a good time answering the questions!

Best wishes for a successful outcome for all,

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Management homework help

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