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  1. Research and find a credible map related to a specific part of the Climate Change and Sustainability/Resilience lecture (from the current or past climate change, or effects, or the six sustainability and resilience sections) with data NO MORE THAN 6  MONTHS OLD.  Your map must be unique, that is, no other student has posted your map to the discussion board. NO CREDIT FOR REPEAT MAPS. THE FIRST POST OF A MAP ONLY WILL GET CREDIT.
  2. Post a new reply to this discussion board with the map (as an attached .doc, .pdf, or functioning web link), and citation.

Examples of credible maps of a specific physical geography phenomena:

Geology homework help

Choose any movie and the student will analyze a movie as part of the class requirement. The movie review is worth 20 points and should be about 600 words long. The first portion, about 200 words, should summarize the movie. You can use Wikipedia for this. After summarizing the movie, the student should discuss how the actors performed, does the music fit well with the movie and is the photography crisp and clear. Any foreshadowing and symbolism in the movie also should be discussed.

Geography homework help

This short reaction paper, of one page in length, provides an opportunity for you to
critique a representation of the Zen tradition found in current popular media. These
representations may include film, images, writings, tv shows, or other media. Students
should analyze this media and reflect on its accuracy (or lack thereof) in representing
the Zen tradition, the implications of that representation, and its connections to
“narrative” as a device for delivering information about the tradition. Students should
seek approval from me regarding their choice of media prior to starting the

Geography homework help

I have a Geography Research paper due on the 11th of December by 5:00. There are multiple topics to choose from but I want you to choose the one that will make your job as easy as possible. Attached are the instructions . When you contact me I will send you the topics.
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