Management homework help

Assessment Brief:
Write a report on an agreed REAL case study business covering the following points:

  1. How entrepreneurial is the business currently
  2. What are the projections for the business as it is currently operating
  3. How could the business be more entrepreneurial
  4. What are the projections for the business if it were to operate according to the proposals made.

The key areas of focus for Report 2 include the below areas covered in the module and the report should present a more complete and in-depth analysis of the business although you do not have to cover all these areas.

  • Leadership
  • HR, Teams and Diversity 
  • Risk and Opportunity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
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Economics homework help

1. Briefly describe the technologies that are leading businesses into the third wave of electronic commerce.
2. Describe the function of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Include a discussion of the differences between gTLDs and sTLDs.
3. Describe how the Internet changed from a government research project into a technology for business users.
4. Explain the difference between an extranet and an intranet. In your answer, describe when you might use a VPN in either.
5. Define “channel conflict” and describe how a company might deal with this issue.
6. Explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.
7. Distinguish between outsourcing and offshoring as they relate to business processes.
8. Explain how the achieved trust level of a company’s communications using blogs and social media compare with similar communication efforts conducted using mass media and personal contact.
9. Distinguish between a virtual community and a social networking Web site.
10. Describe the role that culture plays in the development of a country’s laws and ethical standards.

Management homework help

Oranges Between the USA and Japan

The USA and Japan were in negotiations for a period of ten years, (1977 – 1988) over oranges. The Americans had certain goals that they wanted to accomplish in these negotiations. These goals included; exporting of American oranges in the Japanese market, demand that Japan liberalizes its market, and to eliminate the trade barriers in Japan. The Japanese also had their own goals that they wanted to accomplish in the negotiation process. These included; maintaining its positive image outside Japan, avoiding intervention from GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs), and to avoid sanctions from abroad.
Initially, the Japanese refused to negotiate right away, and started negotiating only when Americans threatened them that they would take the issue to GATT panel. Using Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimensions from our textbook, compare and contrast the cultural differences that might influence both parties.
Based on the cultural differences, develop a culturally responsive negotiation strategy for American negotiators to deal with Japanese negotiators. The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:
·  Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
·  Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
·  Include cover page and reference page.
·  At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
·  No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
·  Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.
·  Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.
References must come from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN, online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites, etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are not acceptable for academic writing.  A detailed explanation of how to cite a source using APA can be found here (link).

Economics homework help

Discussion Topic #1: Compare and contrast the Trait, Skills and Style approach.
In addition to the assigned readings this week, conduct independent research for this topic. Locate an article, PPT, or web site that supports your position for Discussion Topic #1.
Required Reading

1. Leadership: Theory and Practice 8TH 19 (Northouse Chapters 2-4)

Author:Northouse, Peter G.ISBN-13:978-1-5063-6231-1ISBN-10:1-5063-6231-1Edition/Copyright:8TH 19Publisher:Sage Publications, Inc.
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