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 Country Report/Project
Students will select a country from the list below, then research the country and prepare a PowerPoint on the country and the culture. Please feel free to be creative and create an engaging presentation which can include any photos, videos, and/or music. The project will include 11 PowerPoint slides, and should include the following on each slide:
Slide 1) Introduction to your county
Slide 2) Geography/topography/ time zones
Slide 3) Historical and leadership influences
Slide 4) Political/Governmental/legal influences
Slide 5) Demographic information – ethnicity/race, GDP per capita, average life span, mortality rates, education level, unemployment, crime, currency etc.
Slide 6) Language (s) and Religion (s)
Slide 7) Cultural values
Slide 8) Common business practices
Slide 9) Things to know before you go
Slide 10) Conclusion
Slide 11) References/Works Cited
Please choose one of the following for your project: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam

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Prepare a tabulated schedule of various sources of finance being used by the Bata India Limited company in the last 5 years and also tracking their annual increase (and/or) decrease?
 Prepare the average cost (WACC) of funds that were being deployed in the business
in the last 5 years. The Return on Equity (RoE) for the previous year may be used as a proxy to  the Cost of Equity (Ke) in calculating the WACC.
  Write your observations and interpretations on the sources of finance and the
WACC data collated  in not more than 750 words.

Management homework help

 Credo on Personal Leadership Philosophy: 1 page in length. ZERO PLAGIARISM
This philosophy should be only 1 page in length. ZERO PLAGIARISM
A leadership philosophy is the way we see ourselves as leaders. This philosophy guides our actions, our behaviors, and our thoughts. Your personal leadership philosophy is influenced by external and internal forces. You can change who we are as a leader by simply changing your philosophy of leadership. Leadership philosophies can change as you grow to understand yourself within the context of leading. Creating or finding your leadership philosophy means that you must explore and reflect upon your personal values, assumptions, and beliefs about leadership.
What Should Your Leadership Philosophy Include?
– Personal values such as honesty, commitment, respect for others
– Description of how you will carry out your responsibilities
– What your priorities are
– What you expect of your people and how you will evaluate them
– What your people can expect of you
Throughout the process, follow the advice of General Ulysses S. Grant, who said “Write as if sending a telegram to a fool that will be prepaid by a miser.” In other words, be complete, but not verbose.
Here is an example of a leadership philosophy submitted by a student in a previous semester. If you would like to use this format, please feel free to do so. This can be used as a guide as well. Credo on Personal Leadership Philosophy Example.pdf . See example pdf document attached below;
Q 1:
What are some of the common stereotypes, or previously unexamined reasonable opposites, that have influenced your thinking? (see article attached below)
Q 2:
Should differences in culture affect leadership practices?
Q 3:
Upon reading the six competencies global leaders need to succeed, which of these six competencies do you feel is most important to one’s own multicultural competence and why? (see article:
Q 4:
Reflect on the topic of shared leadership, usable? effective?
Q 5:
What products and services do you consume on a regular basis that are produced, either in whole or in part, by an organization that is not based in your home country? Probe your knowledge. Are these products the same everywhere they are sold, or did they have to be adapted for your market?
How consistently do you demonstrate emotional intelligence and treat others with respect and dignity? What do you do to demonstrate that you respect people as individuals? Any opportunities for improvement?
Q 7:
How confident are you? How do you empower yourself? What can you do to develop your confidence?
Q 8:
What are your long-term goals? What do you need to do, and what attitudes do you need to have, to accomplish them?
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Management homework help

In 1453, the Walls of Constantinople came crashing down at the feet of Mehmet the Conqueror. At the same time, Western Europeans were exploring the Atlantic and on the cusp of discovering a “New World.” In Asia, Zhang He had recently sailed across the Indian Ocean and contacted the people up and down the coast which brought into contact two great civilizations. Considering these seminal events in history, explain in detail