U.S. Constitution

The following principles have been recognized as core tenets of the U.S. Constitution:

  1. Checks and balances
  2. Federalism
  3. Judicial review
  4. Limited government
  5. Popular sovereignty
  6. Separation of powers

Create a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation to educate a group of students about the core tenets listed above for an upcoming Constitution Day celebration in a school setting. You may select a grade level 1-12, teachers, or parents as your audience. Please specify your intended audience and include other pertinent information within the speaker notes. Your presentation should be engaging and appropriate for your chosen audience. Include speaker notes below each content-related slide that represent what would be said if giving the presentation in person. Expand upon the information included in the slide and do not simply restate it. Please ensure the speaker notes include a minimum of 50-100 words in your speaker notes per slide.

Latin American Corruption Culture And Its Prominence In The Lack Of Education How It Would Be Seen By A Philospher.

Report Issue

  Please talk about corruption in Dominican Republic specifically and the rest of Latin America why it is in elevated in countries where there is a a lack of education. how would any philosopher see this. 

Corruption in Latin America is a topic I hold close because I come from one of the most corrupt countries, Dominican Republic. The corruption and audacity executed by our government is insulting, not only to the Dominican individual but also to International relations. However, these high corruption schemes are observed throughout Latin American countries and it goes hand in hand with education and poverty levels in said country. 

Throughout this paper I would like to explore three to five of the top corruption countries in Latin America and my attempt at understanding how Aristotle may interpret how corruption has risen in these countries in last 100 years. Aristotle was an empiricist who’s views argue that knowledge comes from senses and traditions, I’ll intend to explore that this plague of corruption is intertwined amongst countries. 

Assignment 1: Working with Participants

Assignment 1: Working with Participants

The purpose of this assignment is to help students recognize best practices in working with human subjects and the role of the institutional review board. You are expected to review a pinnacle case in the area of human subjects, the Tuskegee experiment. On the basis of what you learn about this experiment, you will discuss the importance of human subjects review boards and how things would be different if the research team needed approval to conduct this study.


In your paper, you must:

  • Summarize the Tuskegee experiment.
  • Explain the risks to participants.
  • Discuss the current research protocols that were violated.
  • Address any concerns contemporary institutional review boards would have if the research team applied for approval.
  • Use at least three scholarly citations and cite the sources in the body of your work as per APA standards.
  • Prepare a reference list.

Support your rationale and analysis by using at least two resources from professional literature in your response. Professional literature may include  online library University resources; relevant textbooks; peer-reviewed journal articles; and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites ending in .edu or .gov).

Please read all instructions carefully, and APA Style with NO Plagiarism!!!!! 4 pages with 5 citation

Intelligence Fusion Cell

You are a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI). You have been tasked with developing an intelligence fusion cell comprised of local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation for your supervisors detailing what information sharing resources are available to you for your fusion cell and how you intend to use them. Be sure to detail what legal authorities are in place allowing you to use them. Be sure to include:

  • How IRTPA changed the legal means by which intelligence is shared.
  • Which law enforcement organizations play a role in intelligence gathering and sharing?
  • What are the legal concerns with developing a fusion cell or task force (including developing MOUs and MOAs)?

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.