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First, I’d like to say thank you all Khaalid A. RahmanBrett Silvers Etheridge for commenting and being a part of the discussion and hopefully the solution. I have done my research trying to find statistics that state the percentages of people based on race that commit crimes in any given area and have not been able to come up with any data that breaks the information by race (so if any of you have any reliable links please send them on) Greg Humbert your post is praised! “If man made the hierarchal system of race then man can abolish it.” But can we really abolish it? As people we all have different cultures and beliefs. You are right, we play right into the sterotypes that they push on us and it is what is pushed by the media. To take away the term race and all it means I won’t say is impossible but white america and white europe isn’t going to let that happen. Kwesi Mark what I find through trying to create a mentoring program within the black community is that it is hard for us to even stick together when there is no sense of unity amongst us. We will support any other race but our own.
Every few years we have these outbursts that makes America and other countries aware (again) of the racial tension in America, the 40s there was Marcus Garvey- the 60s there was Malcom X & Martin Luther King Jr. on, every few years the black communities in America uprise and revolt against the injustices and then are lulled back into conformity. Are we going to do that again? Because after us are our little cousins/ nieces/ nephews and then soon our own children.


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