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students will deliver a paper of a minimum of three pages, APA format, with a bibliography.

Do not address the questions on a questionnaire basis. The paper must address these issues as a single, APA paper.


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  1. Choose an industry. Contrast  a traditional powerhouse corporation in the industry, to a very new, upstart entity. These two companies need not compete head-to-head, but only belong to the same industry. Hence, one could investigate the journalism and new space, contrasting The New York Times to a newer company, like BuzzFeed or Reddit. Though both occupy the space of journalism, they both operate differently, seeming availing themselves of completely different technological platforms (reddit uses recommendation and crowd sourced articles, NYT invests in proprietary research and cultivates relationships in government).
  2. Given the contrasting business processes between the older, incumbent firm and the upstart, how do they differ?
  3. Does the new firm represent a disruptive means to enter the incumbent’s market space, and how?
  4. What demographic trends support the upstart? What technological components to the audience favor the upstart?
  5. Is the demographic defined by their use of information systems (ie, mobile apps vs paper newspapers, cable tv vs youtube)?
  6. For the incumbent, do demographics represent destiny? Is the older, more established firm destined to lose its market share, given the upstart? Explain.
  7. Explain how the incumbent must compete against the upstart. Consider how the change in information systems use among the demographic is favoring the upstart, unless the incumbent can adapt.