Briefly describe the etiology, signs and symptoms, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and prognosis.

Students will be responsible for writing a research paper on their approved musculoskeletal or
neurological pathology. The primary objective of this assignment is to research evidence-based physical
therapy treatment for the pathology. Students will share that knowledge with their classmates. The
course objectives linked to this assignment are:
Explain the role and benefit of physical therapy in the medical management of
musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies.
Discuss the interactions of the medical, therapy, and family members of the health care team in
the lifespan management of patient populations presented.
Complete the L.I.R.N evidence-based practice assignment by writing a review of a peer-reviewed
journal article related to physical therapy treatment of patient conditions in the body systems
covered in this course.
Students will research information on their approved pathology. Students must include at minimum the
following information:
1. Define the pathology.
2. Briefly describe the etiology, signs and symptoms, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and
3. What does the pathology “look like”?
4. According to evidence-based practice, discuss 2-3 treatment interventions/physical therapy
management beneficial for patients with the pathology.
5. Discuss progression of physical therapy treatment including modifications in interventions
for effective physical therapy treatment of patients with the pathology throughout disease
6. Discuss medical management (including medications) of the pathology and how it may
affect physical therapy treatment
7. Discuss the role of the PTA in treating patients with the pathology, as well as the
interactions of the health care team
8. Bibliography with at least 5 references which must include 2-3 peer reviewed journals, no
more than 2 textbooks, and only 1 magazine, and information from the APTA website. All
citations must be correctly cited using APA format. SABER students may access LIRN, online
library, using the code 38119.

Research papers must be typed using Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, with one inch
margins. Minimum length is 5 pages. Student should refer to this assignment’s grading rubric to further
understand the expectations of the assignment.

Parkinsons disease

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