Book Review Outline

Please complete a brief outline of a book review for Queen Bees Wannabes, containing your ideas for the final paper. Your outline should include the following headings and a brief description of what you will include in each section. These sections should contain just the basic ideas of what you want to cover.  The final paper will provide much more detail.  Create your outline in a word document and upload your file here.

  1. Summary: Summary of main points and themes from the book.
  2. Sources of Information: What is the book based on – Research? Practice? Opinion? How do you know if it is credible? This section needs to describe where the author of your book is getting his or her ideas and information from.
  3. Connections: How does information in your book relate to theories or information covered in class? You must have connections to at least 3 concepts we have studied.  You can use the OER, videos, articles, additional readings, and class lectures to find concepts. If you want to use a concept we have not studied yet, you can look ahead in the course materials.  This section of your outline needs to list the 3 specific concepts and give an example from your chosen book that relates. Again, just list the basic ideas and examples you want to use.  Full details and examples will come later, in the full paper.
  4. Critique: Personal critique (your opinions) of the strengths and weaknesses of the book, based on what you’ve written in the above sections.

Please see attached documents for assignment. 

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