BME 210 assignment 5

 Part I A Model of Multicultural Education Review pages 329 to 335. Summarize each of the levels of multicultural education in three sentences. Make sure they are sentences and not just words or phrases. Please use the format below. Type all responses. (12 points) 

  1. Tolerance

a.b.c. 2.  Acceptancea.b.c. 

  1. Respect “Don’t just look up ‘respect’ on Wikipedia. Use the jargon from the reading.


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  1. Affirmation, solidarity, and critique

a.b.c.  Part II Connecting with Yourself and Others 

  1. Becoming a multicultural person

As the textbook states on page 332, “…becoming a multicultural person in a society that values monoculturalism is not easy. It means re-educating ourselves in several ways.” How will you grow and/or transform yourself in each of the three ways suggested?(5 points each) Please number your responses. 

  1. We simply need to learn more.
  2. We need to confront our own racism and biases.
  3. We need to learn to see reality from a variety of perspectives.
  4. Talk to a teacher

Find a current or retired teacher who taught any grade from preschool to high school for more than two years. I want you to either use Face-time, Google Duo, Zoom or a mask if you see them in person. J The interview will be much more interesting and genuine if you see their face. Type up their responses to each question, but don’t use their real name.  

  1. Ask the teacher what grades they taught, for how long and in what city and state. (1 point).
  2. Ask them describe any segregation, tracking or inequities by color, culture, SES (social economic status), or gender within the school they worked. (8 points)
  3. Ask them to describe any attempts that took place to change the school policies, culture or classroom experiences in order to help the lower performing students in any way. (8 points)
  4. What concerns do they have for the future of public education in The United States of America? (8 points)
  5. What hopes do they have for the future of public education in The United States of America? (8 points)

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