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Bonnie Trenga tackles the issues of grammar and sentence structure in her book, The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier: How to solve the Mystery of Weak Writing. This book is a joy to read that will tremendously help all levels of writers.  Trenga throughly explains 7 common writing mistakes with wit and humor. Each chapter begins with a detective story that includes the chapter’s writing mistake in it. Each chapter’s introduction gives a detailed explanation of what the writing mistake is. Then, the chapter shows how to detect and correct each mistake with examples and explanations. A recap and summary is found at the end of each chapter. The book includes appendices which focus on common grammer and puncuation mistakes. 

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Curtious Case contains many postive qualities in it that encourages learning. As a writer who struggles with many of mistakes she points out, I appreciated her stating within the first few pages that “in the book we take a friendlier approach. I say we instead of I because I the author don’t want to be the know-it-all writing genius” (Trenga, 2). This sets a learning tone for the rest of book. Second, Trenga’s examples and explanation for each writing mistake are clear and consise. Trenga writes an example of a weak sentence then explains what is wrong with that sentence. A stronger sentence is shown with hints for how to improve a sentence for a writer. The chapters setup is one of the main reasons I enjoyed this book so much. It allowed me as a writer to pick at what part of the mistakes I need to focus on as well as giving me mulitple hints of how to write stronger. My main complaint is how choppy some of the sections due to the examples and boxes. An example can be found on pages 40 and 41. It made some sections difficult to read and understand what point Trenga was making. 

Trenga, Bonnie. The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier. Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer’s Digest Books, 2006. Print.

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