Biology homework help

The posting of your chosen complementary therapy should include the following:

• Definition of the therapy/modality
• A description of the therapy and its origin
• The education/qualifications of practitioner
• Who uses this therapy? Is there a cultural connection?
• Approximate cost of the therapy and how it is paid, e.g. client, extended health insurance, etc.
• The benefits and drawbacks of the therapy
• How and where do clients access this therapy, i.e. Canadian source(s)
• Is this a traditional or complementary medicine and is it used as part of alternative, complementary or alternative medicine
• What would you have to consider in reviewing the client’s/family’s use of this complementary therapy in their wellness planning?

Note: Include the reliable professional resource(s) which you used for your research, e.g. Wikipedia does notmeet the criteria of a professional resource.

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