Biology homework help

Chose ONE of the prompts below. Indicate which response you chose in your answer (eg, #2).

Responses should be 2.5 pages MINIMUM, 12 point font, double spaced, Time New Roman, one inch margins. 

Include at least two sources from in-class texts (lectures, readings, etc) to support your argument.  Feel free to use more than two sources. For this assignment you do not need a Works Cited Page. You should NOT include outside research.

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  1. List and explain the characteristics of culture. Then, choose two of the characteristics of culture and give examples of each in Horace Miner’s article, “Body Rituals Among The Nacirema.” Cite textbook as well.
  2. Describe ethnographic methods and the problems anthropologists might face during their research. Cite Pezzutto’s article “I Did it for the Data” and the AAA statement on ethics.
  3. Describe the four adaptive strategies we covered (not including industrialization). What are some of the advantages and limitations of the strategies? Please also describe two ways in which adaptive strategies can relate to kinship. Cite Whiteley’s article “The Ties That Bind” and the textbook.
  4. Discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of scientific and traditional medicine, being careful to distinguish between scientific medicine and Western medicine. Cite the reading from Fadiman’s book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.