Aviation Case Study

Critical Analysis Paper Instructions

The overall goal of this assignment is to provide a concise critical analysis of the underlying factors that contributed to an aircraft accident. In addition, you will identify and discuss the actions that could have been taken to circumvent these factors.


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You will be assigned an NTSB aircraft accident investigation report by the instructor at the beginning of the term. Afterwards, you will provide a 2–3-page critical analysis of the NTSB accident report consisting of a Title Page, body, and References page in current APA format. A template is provided for this assignment, and the Title Page and References page do not count towards the page requirement. Any sources used outside of the provided accident report must be cited according to current APA format.



Identify the primary cause of the accident as cited by the NTSB. State whether you agree or disagree with these findings and provide rationale for this decision. Additionally, identify the underlying factor(s) that led up to the cause of the accident; typically these are not addressed by the NTSB but may have played more of a role in the accident than given credit by the NTSB. Then address the recommended actions that pilots can take if they find themselves in similar situations as those presented in your assigned accident case study. 

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